Sunday, April 8, 2012

Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports
As I rush into the the pool area,smell the chlorine and the mist in the air. I see the clouds in the sky I see the aqua blue waves in the water. As I put on my togs I know it going to be a cold today. I was not in any competition because I am not a good swimmer so I need a lot of training if I want to go to the inter schools. 

After the freestyle it is a fun race. I went in that. It was easy but freezing. I taste the chlorine and water mixed together. It tasted like old yoghurt that your Mum bought and it was over the expiry date. I was feeling happy and cold. Then I got warm again and me and Katherine went over to her mum after the races. 

Casey and Paris and another girl had a race that was fast. The fastest boys and girls were having a fun race. Casey came third. I was really impressed how fast she could swim. I think personally that she is the most fast child.

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