Sunday, May 20, 2012

EB vs Tech Head

EB vs Tech Head!
Today we showed the  whole school are move/play. It was so fun making the move and showing the school. It is a funny and cool it is not too long and not too short .  We have thanked Stefan  who  wrote the play in his spare time after school. Thank you!
Something I enjoyed learning was how to act as a Mum.
Something I  found hard  was try to remember all my lines.
Something I need to work on is my different voices.
Something I  didn't  like was having to redo my line because I did really well and all that footage was lost then I had to do it again.


  1. You were great in this play, Amy!

  2. Thank you Mr M.

  3. I love it Amz! You were great in the play as Mum. What was your favroite part of the play? WELL DONE :c)

  4. You were grate! in the play Amy. I really like how you put a little reflection.

  5. Awesome Amy!
    That is so cool!
    Love it!!!