Friday, June 22, 2012

The Consequences

This is the recoding of the Consequences I hope you like it. Tell me if there is any thing my group can do to improve our reading ?
  Her is a link to Katrina's blog.


  1. Great recording Amy. Maybe you can put a pitcher of the book too.

    1. Ture thank you I will put that on.

  2. Well done Amy.
    This is an awesome recording that your group did! Well done Ewoks :)

  3. Awesome Amy!
    You all have very clear voices.
    All of you did really well.
    Well done:)

  4. The author, Carl Nixon emailed a comment! Check it out below:
    Hi Kieren

    I got a link today from my publisher to the group reading of my story Living With The Consequences.

    I really enjoyed Katrina, Amy, Eden and Lachlan's performances. Great stuff!

    Many thanks for forwarding it to me. It made my day. Let's hope it goes viral.

    Kind Regards

    Carl Nixon

  5. Thank you very much we loved your story it was funny how jack imaged that the the consequences where a family.