Friday, June 22, 2012

Letter to V.M Jones

Dear V.M Jones,

I have read your amazing book Buddy. My teacher had read it  before and loved it so much that he asked our  school librarian to get a set of the book Buddy  for the library.  My classroom room twenty  read your book one  chapter a day. Every time we read it we wanted to finish it, but when we finished it we wanted to read on but couldn't. Maybe if you want to you could make a second Buddy with even more twists and turns and make Shane and Josh and Jake friends. That would be cool.

I  like Josh I never learnt how to swim but when I am in the water I feel like nothing can stop me, your book  has inspired me to try my hardest in swimming. .Thank you for make a inspiring book.

Yours sincerely Amy    

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