Monday, June 18, 2012

My Interview


My favourite in Reading has been... is my Q&A
Something I have learnt is  link
My next step is to... try and read more challenging books at home.


This is my favourite writing link
I am proud of...  (link)

I have learnt... punctuation

My next step is... to try to make it perfect  before the teachers checks it.

I like my blog because... everyone can see my work
This is my favourite post (link) because... it was so fun.

I like commenting on blogs because... because it make that person feel good about there work.
This is my favourite comment Replies
Mr MoriartyMay 8, 2012 6:35 PM
Your drawing is fantastic, Amy!


This is my favourite maths (link)

I am proud of...  fractions

I have learnt...  number families
….  times tables
…..   division

Something I find challenging is...division

My next step is.... try and learn more division and timetables

This is my favourite art charlie and lola.
Something I have liked in our topic learning is... (link)

P.E. / Fitness
What I like about this is... (link)
I like playing these games:
corner ball
I learn and develop the skills of dodging  caching and making space    by playing these games.
Fitness helps me netball
corner ball

Choir / Kapa Haka
I am in  choir  and it is so fun.
Kapa haka is so fun.

Something  I liked about the interview was that I got to talk and show my own work.


  1. Amazing Amy
    I like how you've put all of the links to your work.