Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Spiders Q&A

  1. Why do you think Michael hated spiders? Maybe something happened in his passed.
  2. What does this mean? Scale the walls  scale the walls means trying to climb up  the walls.

  1. Clarify- Corpse. Dead body.

  1. There are six spiders in the lounge. What action and the reaction might the author develop now? The carter might freak out, the spiders might try and get the corpse  (dead body) out of the glass .

  1. Clarify-Mourners. Grieving attendants at a funeral.

  1. Simile or Metaphor?  Simile.

  1. He groaned.It was monday. What inference can draw from this?  It means he actually hated Mondays and love the weekends.

  1. Thick bushy webs that determinedly stuck to his fingers. Is this personification? Yes.

  1. Find descriptive words. Mass of sticky gray. Densely clustered. Thousands of sticky grey lines.

  1. Which words describe the emotions Michael might be feeling? Panic and fear.

  1. Clarify-encased it means completely enclosed.

  1. Why do you think  Michael  ate lunch by himself? Mabey he did not want everyone nowing about what has been happening.

  1. He looked up and windows covered with webs.  They hung like cureton's.

  1. He reached for the door handle.  He saw a huge spider pointing at him.

  1. Spiders web hanging like curtains. It is a metaphor.

  1. Their front legs were pointing at him in accusation. What inference can be made from this? The spider might hate him.

  1. Carifly- monotonous. Tedious and repetitive.

  1. Angry little pistons rising and stamping.  In my mind I can see spider every danceing really fast

  1. Spider’s dancing. He was terrified.

  1. Mum at the door.he was happy.  

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