Friday, June 1, 2012

WALT: Persuasion

Food Scraps
Dear Mr Gifkins,

At Parkvale School we have  so much food scraps it  is terrible for the  environment. They  go to landfills it is so bad some of it even goes to the pacific trash vortex, all the rotting food and dead animals like sea gulls, pelicans  and fish . It makes me so disappointed. This letter is about how we can fix this once and for all.  

We have forty  percent food in are rubbish that is crazy we are going to try and make that change by recycling the thing we can.  I think we can change our school by having a worm farm or more we can help the school,how much  money you spend and the garden.  
40 percent50 percent5 percent15 percent
  • How it could help the school? We would not  let food scraps hanging around.
  • How could it save money? Well it would bring down some of the bills for waste. We could sell some of the compost or worm wee.
  • How will it help the gardens? We can put the worm wee on the garden with a little bit of water and it will help it grow.
  • What about the about the mandarins and and oranges? We can put them in the rubbish. Remember we can not reuse  everything.

Thank you for reading this letter please make sure you think about it,
Yours sincerely  Amy Richardson.


  1. Awesome persuasion Amz.
    I really like how you did a little table for the percentage of our rubbish.

    What do you think the answer will be? ( YES OR NO )
    Mine is definitely a yes.