Friday, July 6, 2012

The Penguin Victory

The Penguin Victory on Storybird

How penguins got rid of The polar bears.
A long long long  time  ago in a planet called Earth.  There was a war, not just any war. The war between us, the penguins and them, the polar bears. I am Waddle and I will tell you my story  

“Waddle come on the lake and skate with me,” said the penguins.
‘“Yes I think I can fit it in,” I replied..  
While the penguins are skating, the polar bears come and start to stomp on the ice. The penguins are stuck on the lake right in the middle and that is how this whole war started.  We escape but only slightly.  I chose to lead the penguins. Everyone starts to call me Commander Waddle.

(Over in the other side of war polar Bears)
“Commander?” said the polar bears
  “Should we start eating penguin people?” they said
“Ok then,” said the commander.  
“Yum yum penguin come out from wherever you are

“Ok every penguin who can hold their breath for a long time in the corner in the right. If you can cut ice easy peasy in the left corner. If you are good at running and teasing in the bottom left corner so most of us  you left over can look after the injured,” said the  
We all set off to work.
“You ice cuting penguins you make sixey hole for the good breath penguins to go under the water with and start cutting the ice and they will bring you up for air. You other ones start testing and keep them on one side.” said
commander .

“Ok every as the ice is cracked hope other side from the polar bears and ready everyone jump” said
commander .
Commander  the ice the the polar bear are on started to crack” the penguin  said.
“Yes that my plan now we have got rid of the polar bears.  

Wow mum I just had dream it started after I went to bed after watching  that documentary about why polar bears and penguin don't live together.


  1. I like the resolution to your story, Amy, when the penguins cracked the ice to get rid of the polar bears. That was clever and entertaining to read.

    1. Thank you Mr Moriarty but Jacob helped me with the part where penguins cracked the ice but then I but my own twist on it.

  2. I like the ending how you watched a documentary on why penguins and polo bears don't live together that was really funny. I also liked the bit about the cracked ice it was really funny. your whole story was funny except for the bit when the polo bears commander told the polo bears to eat the penguins that was just mean to eat such cute and incontinent little creates.

    From Lizard:)

    1. Thanks Lizard I think the same to. :)