Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reflection for Probability

Reflection for Probability
· Something I was pleased with was how much I already know about Probability.  
Because last  year we did not do much on Probability.

· I really enjoyed learning to predict  and find out if I am right or not.

Because  I like to compare my predictions with the real answers.

· Something that made me think was my justifying because you have to justify and explain what you have done.  

· Something I want to get better at is my speed.
          What can I do about it?  Practice.


  1. You guessed it Amy the only way to get better at something is practice and yes this never stops no matter how old you get. But oh the satisfaction of succeeding at something you once found soooo difficult. Keep striving to be the best at things that interest you - I am told this will keep us young, my fingers as crossed about this as the years are flying by fast.

    1. Thank Mrs Craig I am going to try my best at every thing.