Monday, July 16, 2012

The Trash Vortexes

My Incredible Journey 14/5/12
Hello I am Amz the lift plus bottle. This is my journey from a factory to the  Pacific Trash  Vortex swirling around and around all day long.

As I was made in a factory you get shape and then they put this stuff into you called lift plus. Then they put a sticker on you that says there could be a million dollars in me. They put me with my friends. We're put into a box and we were stocked into the New World shelves and other people were worried. Instantly a big guy grabbed me and put me into a basket and took me home with lollies, chocolate and roses, you know what I mean. Then the stuff inside me got poured out and they put me in the bin and then I said “well fine don’t save the world by recycling".

Later that day I was picked up and put into a truck we went on.  I  just missed being crushed by these humongous chomper things but it got the the tip of me and I got flung out into the sea.  It was high tide so I was cool until later.  As I planned I got swept into the sea. It was awful being alone for ages. Then I saw more bottles, rubbish, bugs and lots more. I saw animals hurt and stuck. I asked everyone else and they said it is one of the five trash vortexes. So that is the end of my story.


  1. Amy I love this piece of writing. You have done a great job of writing in the first person, which is not easy to do well. Congrats on a quality piece of writing.
    Mrs Craig

    1. Thank you Mrs Craig that means lots to me.

  2. Wow Amy this is great.
    I can understand how much of a big deal this trash vortex is to environmental people, it is just so sad what happens to all of the animals.
    Your writing is so good.
    Do you think they will stop the trash vortex some day?

    1. Thank you floss I don't know if they will stop it but if the try the can make them smaller.