Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Dazzling Olympic Game Ceremony.

The Dazzling Olympic Game Ceremony.30/7/12
Hi I am Amy and I am reporting the London 2012 Olympic games. Olympic games have started with a dazzling opening ceremony with amazing fireworks, the best in the world. What a way to start the Olympics with a bang.

Such a show. So amazing, it was so spectacular. I was really amazed everyone was having a brilliant time and to see J.K Rowling, that was amazing. They have sure shown a lot of their brilliant past.

My highlight of that night was the lighting the Olympic flame. It had to be my favourite because it started as a tiny flame and then lights up like fireworks.The most funny part was of course when M Bean came. I have to say Britain, you have showed us all.

This is the link for the picture.


  1. You describe your highlights of the opening ceremony well, Amy.

    Your added description of the flame gives your writing the details it needs. Your ending is perfect!

  2. Great job Amy, I like when Mr bean did the piano and day dream. What was your favourite part?

    1. Thanks Lachlan. My favourite part was lighting the Olympic flame.

  3. Brilliantly spectacular Amy!
    I love the ending when you said,
    Britain you showed us all.
    Amy, you told me all!

  4. Thanks Lachlan. My highlight of that night was the lighting the Olympic flame.

  5. Brilliantly spectacular Amy!
    I like the end when you said Britain you showed us all.
    Amy, You told me all!

  6. Great Amy
    I thought the fire works looked messy what did you think about the fire works? also what was your most favourite party of the Olympics Opeaning?