Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Lone Robot

The Lone Robot.
Clink clunk the feet of the lone robot I spend my time wandering around until know I am going to tell you about the day I found my creator.

Well it all started one day I was wondering around the woods I heard the a train so I went after it. When I caught up with it a saw a logo my logo the one on me I jumped on the train trying to find my creator thinking where this train goes I would find my creator. I fell asleep for most of the ride but I woke when the train stop and the crags jolted one after another like a row of dominoes. I jump out of the train they have stopped at a factory I go side it is there are robots evry it a robot factory I ask if there is a creator one of the robot say yes. I look everywhere but I had one more door to look behind and in a tiny room was my creator he looked at me we hugged he got some spray and spread it on me my rust when. Them my rust went away I was fixed up and fished off . Know days me and him run the factory with joy and every robot was fished when it was started.

By Amy 10y years


  1. Awesome Amy.
    I like your good and happy ending.
    Well done,
    From Brody.

  2. I love it amy
    well done it's really good I love the happy ending it's super duper cool but where it says Them my rust went away I was fixed up did you mean then? it's awesomely awesome you should be proud because I know I'm proud of most of my writing but the thing that makes my day is reading peoples that easily bet mine you could have a good future if you keep writing like that :) Well Done From Eddie :)

  3. Hay cool story Amy love it!
    I have recently done a story like that you should cheek mine out!
    her is a link to my lone robot story