Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reflection and Opinion for Tree art

Reflection for tree art.
Something I was pleased with was my shape of my tree. Because I not very good at drawing trees. 

I really enjoyed learning about the art. Because if the art has no meaning or story is boring.

Something I found hard was painting. Something that made me think was would they colours go, am I mixing them right? Because I didn't want to make a completely different colour.

Something I want to get better at is my painting skills.          
What can I do about it? Try more.  

My Opinion.
 I prefer using pencils and pastels. I think it hard to use paint. I feel happy doing art. I know know that it some times you can make mistakes. I believe if I try more I can do better. In my opinion I prefer doing art art with a story. The best thing about art is being able to display your work. The greatest part about art is having fun. The worst about art is when you make a mistake. Everyone should enjoy art. Art is better when you love to do it and enjoy it. If you enjoy show it and don't be afraid to give it your all. Then you will love it.

 Based on the treeod Life by Klimt 


  1. Amazing Amz!
    I really like your art, it is so colourful.
    I am really enjoying this type of art. Did you enjoy it?
    Great pictures!
    Good idea to add in that ' Opinion ' part from that poster that is in the class.
    I scanned your code and it was great.
    Awesome work Amz!

    1. Thanks floss. Yes I really enjoyed it I love doing it one of the way to show feeling.

  2. Great work Amy - the photo of your artwork is very clear.

    I like how you use the reflection prompts and opinion starters. You talk about how art needs a story or meaning. What are the meanings in your tree art? You forgot to mention these. What did you think of the Tree of Life by Klimt?

    1. Thanks Mr Moriarty. My answers to questions for fist one What are the meanings in your tree art? My is my tree shows all the letters of pride. What did you think of the Tree of Life by Klimt? I think it is a wounder full piece of art.

    2. You're welcome, Amy.

      Thank you for replying. They are good answers :)

  3. AWESOME Amy!
    I love your Colours and how they go together well! I never thought of doing a reflection! I love your background how it goes DARK LIGHT!
    Keep up the FANTASTIC work Amy:)

  4. Awesome Amz!
    I love your art and the colors that you used.
    I have just scanned your QR code and it is really cool!
    Keep up the GREAT work.

  5. Awesome Amy!
    I like you art, its very colourful and I like the QR.
    I also like the way you described your art! Well done:)