Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Tube 1

The Tube.

Right in front of me was a round door with a golden handle. I have to open the door to see what's inside. My conscience is telling me not to open the door but I want  to I have the see what's inside. I touch the silky door hand, I turn the knob.

I step inside I see grass trees blue sky and and it smells earthy.  I take off my shoes to feel the damp dirt and the grass between my feet. I start to run weaving in and out the trees. I start slow down to take a breather I sit down next to a tree I think I see a another person I can’t really see her she is very pale she is small she wearing a white dress I yell out to her “Hey do you know where we are?”  She dashes for a tree. When I look back the door is  closed she starts to giggle I run to the tree I start to climb up.   She wasn’t there at the top she disappeared.   I climb down I wonder  where that girl is. I lie down and start to drift off.

I wake up suddenly I see on top of the hill a door....  


  1. Great job Amy I love the ending where it said's I wake up suddenly I see on top of the hill a door...
    It makes me want to keep reading forever. Great work.

  2. Awesome Amy! Your writing is so cool! The scary part is definitely the part were you wake up and at the top of the hill see a door. KEEP UP THE GREAT WRITING AND WELL DONE! :c)

  3. Well Done Amy.
    That is an awesome piece of descriptive writing.
    It describes everything , that makes it so easy to visualise.
    Keep up the awesome writing ,
    From Brody.

  4. Cool story Amy.
    I wonder where that girl is too?
    Way to keep the reader hanging.