Monday, September 17, 2012

Wheel Relay Day

Reflection for wheel relay  day.
Something I was pleased with was how every one had good sportsmanship.

Because it not fair when you don’t cheer on other competitors and don’t play by the rules.

I really enjoyed learning new activities.

Because when you do the same old stuff it gets  boring.

Something I want to get better at is companionship.


  1. Good thinking, Amy.

    You show excellent sportsmanship (or should I say sportsgirlship?) and Parkvale PRIDE. I am glad you enjoyed the activities when you got back from Green Team planting. Is there a Green Team post coming?

    1. Thanks Mr M. I just ask room 18 to use the memory card and then I will make movie.

  2. Cool Amy! Your reflection is really cool. The photo is really cool too. You showed good sportsmanship. The games were well thought out and fun. What part did you like the best?