Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Literature Circle

Literature Circle for Tough Enough

For the last two terms the Ewoks and Droids have been in one  of the two  Literature Circles.  I am reading Tough Enough by By Tana Hutley.  It's a great book, we are about to read chapter seven. I have been  Illustrator, I just  fished my last assignment  for  Connector.  We change next   Literature Circle.  For Connector I use TS TT TW.         Hope you enjoy the pictures.  




  1. Cool Amy.
    You sum what you have done well.
    Good job ,
    From Brody.

  2. Awesome Amz
    I love how you wrote it
    and nice clear lovely pictures
    Great job
    what's the best part of the book for you?

    Eden :)