Friday, November 23, 2012

Lonely Road.


As I walk down the lonely road, I stop to breath in the fresh air. I can smell the wet moss growing on the old leafless  and lifeless  tree creaking with every little movement of the summer bress. The golden rays of the sun is slowly setting it will very soon be night and moon will light up sky like a night light. I feel the wet sludge moss it feels like jelly. The fence is covered in dead vines.The blackberry bush covering   some of the sided of the road. The wind brushes my face.  I walk over to the fence.
I climb the fence my dress gets caught on a vine. I yank it back. I take a sip of cold water to put out my mouth. The wild life quite ins as the sun is almost set. The grass tickles my legs and feet. The shadows of the tree scare me as the cast a scary figure.   The branches crumble under my feet. There are trees  everywhere the path has disappeared  from week been in my boat. I am lost how will I home to my little cottage.  My animals must be starving.  A flaming arrow hits the tree in front of me a note it say’s  Dear S .W run the queen has sent a more bigger braver huntsmen after you  go hide run  the country is  graded  no can get in or out until she has your beauty. From Albert.    I am  frightened but I know I must carry on and somehow get out of this country and go  to a new where they don’t know how I am.

My heart is pounding I feel like I should turn myself in but I need to take charge of my country and stop all these wars so everyone can be happy.  Every step I think someone is going to come out and take me away where no one can find me. I have to set up camp. I gather up some dry sticks and some leaves.  I use the leftover  embers of the arrow  to start a fire so I can see what I am doing.  I decide to make a smoke bed what people use to do  instead of blankets I make a second fire a meter away from the other fire. Then I make a stone border around the inside of the to fire so in the night I won't  roll on to the fire. then I put alive soft leaves right in the middle so if the fire sparks it won’t set fire to the leaves. Night has fallen now it is pitch black. I fall asleep.

It is morning the smoke bed may of made me sneeze but I stayed warm. Now for some food I think I will eat some wild berry no apples especially after my pass with apples. Hours have beeen I need to find some water. I walk on looking for any sign of water I am also trying to see if I can hear some water.  It the uphill track can be a good  sign but water travels down hill and if it’s is big river I could be sweep down and be killed.  As I carry on  the get’s slippery.  Moss is growing on the ground. All I can hear is wosh I run I have reached a fresh water river it is pure. I take a nice refreshing drink and carry on.   

I reach the top of the hill up there is a lake that carry on probably leaves to another river that leads to the sea. I don’t remember seeing this lake  shape on the map.  I have a walk the shore I have fond bottle with a massage in I read the note it say’s. Hello who every you  are you have found what I have searching for my hole life today I knew I would die. My name is Sir pole. I found this lake people sort crazy but this is lake that people start  that I made up I called  it lake 11. I called it this because  it has eleven river one leads to the where no one dares to go and it will lead stratig to a new country.  However heart that is true can make. From Sir Pole.   I find a boat and start to push it into the water I hoping that my heart is  true and I won’t    die.   As I sail out ot the lake I see I have ten choice because I followed the one up here.   I chose the windiest and most dangerous way the the motions. 


Hour past I feel like I have been hell. I keep tasting the water every hour it gets more and more salty. I the I have found the   sea I am so excited to make it out . I have finally made I tell it wasn't easy but I will do anything for my country.  I duck just in case they haver grads here I been sailing for hours  I love how calm the sea is I wash up onto an Island I is a magical place. Blam I am caught they have put a cloth over my head . I ask the please can you  let me go I am the Prisse the one how is ture queen “ I say. “ I know you are sad the seven dwarfs  we are the one how will help you find your brother and get you land back. They set up camp right in the middle of frost we have a jam dancing singing even grumpy was smiling.

We woke up with delight. I was walking in and of tree the I saw a white deer I walk all the Dwarfs were steering.  shoooo I an arrow shot put and started the deer it run The dawth grab the running of the life and I had no idea. One   of Dwarfs  got hit with an arrow trying to save me. We ran Into a nearby village.  

My brother went up to me hugged me. He said to me now we are  together We can fight her we will arrive papered armed and on horse. We the tide is in we can ride in the water will armoire. Hour have passed we have set of and we are up to the shore of our country. We Fight across I am leading with brother we are in the gates I jump off.I run to staris the she my step Mum the person who tricked the whole kingdom marred my Dad did last on night they killed him. I give it my all she is almost dead I am almost about to give the my brother came up with an apple.

Boom it hits the magic mirror then she  claps And that was the end of her and The all live Happily ever after.

By Amy ten years.



  1. Awesome Amy!
    I liked the way you described where you were and what was round there. I kept reading till I got to the end and I thought it was brilliant. Well done:)

  2. Amazing Amy,
    You really describe every ting.
    Well done

  3. Great work Amy. I really love your writing. You use your senses really well. This is one of your best stories. Well done:)